Jan 152016


Toronto Karate Kids League 2015 Video Report


Welcome House is really pleased to announce that the Toronto Karate Kids League had a very successful and enjoyable year! The project commenced in February 2015, and by years end we had successfully organised four karate tournaments for children and youth aged between 5 and 15 years. Project funded by City of Toronto.


The aim of TKKL is to involve young people in the disciplined and creative world of Karate discovering new talents and hopefully stars for Canada.


The Aims and Achievements of the Toronto Karate Kid’s League include –


  • To provide budding young athletes with invaluable experience in professionally organised and healthy competition;


  • The TKKL unifies all Karate clubs and stylesstyles in the Sportive event similar, by essence, to Pan Am Games Karate event. It’s important that young Karate athletes understand that Karate in general is a unification of many different styles;


  • During the year 2015, the TKKL held tournaments which included around 500 competitors from 24 Karate clubs;


  • The safety of our students is paramount with TKKL. All our events areinsured by Canfinse Group Inc. Every competitor uses safety sparring gear, and a Licensed Paramedic is always on site;


  • The Toronto Karate Kid’s League promotes Karate as a Sport, and we endeavour to make it accessible and affordable to all members of our community. This is a non-profit project designed to ensure that low-income families have easy access to sporting events. Our aim is to reintroduce sport to parents and to ensure that children of today are raised having fun, and generally enjoying all the advantages sports have to offer;


  • During 2015 we had two easy-to-access by public transit locations in Toronto, with free parking. In addition, no spectators fee was charged, ensuring that families were able to support their young athletes.


Special Guests


During the year we had many special guests visiting our competitions, such as politicians, writers introducing their books, and best of all, we had martial artists demonstrating their amazing and unforgettable talents.


We’re extremely proud of all our young athletes who participated in the 2015 Toronto Karate Kid’s League tournaments. In our opinion, every single athlete in our competition was a winner. Competitors fight their fear and perform their very best! We acknowledge, and value our karate kids’ efforts and purposefulness.


TKKL expresses our sincere appreciation to all parents and friends for their loyalty and patience. In addition, we sincerely thank all our Karate coaches and impartial judges for their time, their professionalism, and their support during the past year. And of course we can’t forget all our wonderful supporters, helpers and assistants: without you this project would never have seen the light of day. Sincerely, thank you!


TKKL will continue working on tournaments, and encourage all clubs and their participants, supporters and sponsors to contribute to what we believe will be a very exciting future for Karate in Canada.


Join. Participate. Win.





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