About Welcome House


Welcome House, SSNC is a registered in Ontario non-profit organization with elected Board of Directors (incorporated in July 2010). Same year we started to work at Bathurst-Finch neighbourhood in North York (Toronto, ON). Welcome House has been formed as a community based organization. We welcome all Canadians in their endeavors for better living. We are here to offer affordable services for all our diverse community – for people with different cultural backgrounds regardless their income, beliefs or social status.

Bathurst-Finch is one of the unique Toronto’s neighbourhoods, where diverse cultures collate. And one of our priorities is to help newcomers, immigrants, refugees and low-income families to integrate in Canadian society. We provide parents and families with easy access to unbiased information regarding settlement, health care, education, child care, legal services, employment, community and daily life.

Under the PROGRAM tab in main menu you can find detailed information about our most popular programs and how to join it.