Keep in Touch


In the frame of the Keep in Touch project Welcome House organized 2 multicultural social oriented community events where people came with their families, friends, neighbours and colleagues. The Keep in Touch project was created to help to collate diverse communities. Keep in Touch events combined several attractive components for different target audiences: an informational fair with a networking event including a whole day sporting competition for children and youth. Both events occurred at North York nearby Bathurst-Finch neighbourhood (1107 Finch Ave W. North York, ON, M3J 2P7). The dates were:

1st event – Sunday, November 12 2017
2nd event – Sunday, February 18, 2018.

The sporting event – a recreational karate competition – united vulnerable groups such as children and youth to motivate them for their improvement in the sport. Networking event for newcomers and Canadians provided parents and families with easy access to unbiased information.
During these events we also organized special thematic booths for newcomers to spread and exchange their information and obtain additional connections to expand their networking.

Objectives and anticipated project outcomes

– Created part-time employment opportunities for newcomers and immigrants – 57 part-time paid positions and 62 volunteer opportunities have been created
– Our championships were opened for all Karate schools and styles. We have been accepting participants from all across Ontario from different communities with diverse cultural backgrounds without any limitations to increase awareness of the benefits of social life diversity in Ontario. This awareness helps in the decrease of barriers for Ontario’s newcomers and ethno-cultural communities to participate in social and sportive life.
– We had a special pricing policy and advertised widely on community level our events to support vulnerable groups such as youth, newcomer’s families, low-income families and refugees. This helped improve their social integration providing them with an opportunity to socialize on a professionally organized recreational and informational event.
– Our events had special informational thematic booths to improve economic integration for Ontario’s newcomers with the possibility of increasing their networking contacts and exchange business information with participants. This helps increase participation of newcomers in society and economy.
– By inviting other social non-profits to participate in the informational fair we increased the ability for Ontario’s immigrant and multicultural organizations to support and promote community engagement and participation. Also, this benefits our organization as well as our local community by increasing our capacity & diversifying our relationships with other community service providers for effective referrals and collaboration in the future.
– We organized two events with common attendance of up to 1500 people. According to our research, a minimum of 75% of these people are immigrants and about 65% are newcomers.


This project was generously funded by Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Ontario under 2017-18 Multicultural Community Capacity Grant Program (MCCGP)