Karate Club – Children Karate Classes and Karate Training for Adults


This program is cancelled March 20-2020 and is not possible to be delivered because of Canadian Government Restrictions regarding COVID-19


Karate Training at Welcome House

Karate training for children and youth I Feel Good has been launched by Welcome House in September 2011. It consists of the regular Karate classes – twice per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Program lasts for 10 months per year starting in September and finishing in June (accordingly to the school year).

We are welcome everyone to join us. We work with different ages – children, youth and adults – Recreational (6-9), Recreational (10-14), Youth (14-18), High Performance (8+) and Adult’s (16+). You can always come for the first free trial class. After that you can decide if you would like to sign up for the program.


Gym # 3
550 Finch Avenue W.
Toronto, ON M2R 1N6
At the building of Northview Heights Secondary School (click for the map)



Children Karate Training is intended for kids who want to practice real and sportive Karate, to build their confidence and discipline. It’ll help them to achieve different goals like: martial arts experience, medals at the competitions, anti-bullying self defence skills, new grades and overall in the future become a better person, all of that is within the safe and professional environment. During the high performance training children also have fun and are able to socialize with each other.

Karate Kids Groups (Community based Children Karate program)

The benefits of Children Karate are numerous. Karate teaches respect, etiquette, proper posture and balance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, commitment, discipline and teamwork. Main focus is on commitment, discipline, self confidence and teamwork. Each participant has a responsibility to the instructors and the Karate club. 

Children Karate training is goal oriented. Results are achieved and karate spirit is promoted. Self confidence, accomplishment and teamwork are benefits that are very important as well as medals and trophies which participants are obtaining for their achievements. This intensive level of training enables each kid to reach their full potential for participation in sportive Karate competitions for children.

Each Karate class lasts minimum 90 minutes twice per week (usually up to 2 hours/120 min.). We have two main groups:
– 6-9 years old (6pm-7:45pm)
– 10-15 years old (7:30pm-9:30pm)


Tuesdays & Thursdays
6:00 pm – 7:45 pm (6-9 y.o.)
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (10-15 y.o.)

The Karate Kids program highlights:

  1. Accepting everybody from 7 to 13 years old, regardless of sex, ethnicity or  status in Canada. Based on small general testing (questions and physical exercises). We reserve the right to deny acceptance if we think the particular person will not fit in program goals and objectives.
  2. All new participants get free uniform after registering and pay for full program in advance.
  3. Traditional and Sporting Karate taught together at their best approach.
  4. Possibility to test (when ready), twice a year without fee (except for belt, diploma, patches if needed).
  5. Possibility to represent our club in competitions on different levels.
  6. Anti bullying sub program (mandatory safety equipment required).
  7. Possibility to participate in seminars; clinics and special training with our and guest instructors.
  8. Have some fun as well while seriously training in safe, healthy, positive environment.
  9. Individual approach in teaching, adequate teacher to students rate 2 instructors on the set.


Teens Karate Training  (15+)

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time: 7.45pm – 9.45pm  

Each training consists of:

  • Intro
  • Warm Up
  • Cardio Basics
  • Forms
  • Self  Defence
  • Physical Strength (cardio part with accessories, fitness)
  • Final Part – breath and relaxation

Welcome House has an official status

This project established as a North-American Karate Club.

Liability Insurance and Membership Expenses

Program Stress Relief through Karate for kids and adults is designed to provide an affordable access to the Karate in community. Welcome House is the registered not-for-profit organization in Ontario. Welcome House does not have any financial support from any sources for the Karate Club activity (training) that is why we charge participants very reasonable and very affordable fee to cover all insurance, instructional and organizing expenses. The insurance is mandatory condition from the Government. All Welcome House sportive Karate club activity insured by Everest Group  We are working on first come – first served basis so please do not postpone – register now.

Government regulations.

Accordingly to government regulation every athletic activity should be covered by a liability insurance for every participant which we have through Everest Group.

Welcome House karate club is founded by the registered not-for-profit organization in Ontario with the similar name. We do not have any source of financial support for this program that is why Board of Directors approved to charge registration fee to cover all liability and organizational expenses ($250-child before 15 years). This is necessary to be protected under liability insurance which is the mandatory requirement from Canadian Government. For all new kids registered for the program we provide with free uniform (after completed payment for 10 months program).

The High Performance Group created to provide the community with high quality and affordable program we work together with the best Karate instructors in Toronto. They donate some of their time to help us in the improving children’s Karate skills in order to prepare them for the competitions and active healthy life. The all core training cost related to the insurance, instruction, organizing and training equipment can be covered only by registration fee.

There is no any additional fee involved for the testing (except belt and pizza cost). Welcome House does not charge for the karate level testing process the children attending the program, the only charge could be the belt cost.

The mandatory 5 pcs safety sparring gear set, approved by Official Karate Organization, should be used for the sparring training  (this sparring gear includes: shin pads, gloves, chest protection, mouth guard, groin cup).

You can register for the first karate class without payment and obligations. Please note your Registration/Insurance/Membership Fee  should be paid before 2-nd training without fail (for your convenience you can pay by credit card through PayPal on the Registration page)

Registration for the first no-obligation Adults class is $20. This amount will be credited to your account since you decide to continue the training as a part of your payment for the full program.


Low Income families support.

We all live in real world and sometimes we don’t have enough funds to cover all our expenses. This is too pity when it relates to our kids education. If you are a newcomer struggling with survival job or your family has really low income, which you can confirm (we ask to bring the last year CRA assessment and make a decision based on Low-income Cut-Offs published on Stastics Canada), please come and speak to us – we always open to find the right solution for each family on case by case basis.


September 2010 Welcome House launched Stress Relief through Karate program to promote healthy life style and provide stress relief activity for the community members. In December 2010 Welcome House Board of Directors founded a Welcome House Karate club under it’s own brand. The Stress Relief program participants will be automatically considered as a club members when they achieve karate level of minimum 6th kyu and pay all necessary dues. Any program participant can apply for the Welcome House Karate Club membership as soon as he/she registers for the Karate program but this is not mandatory for the beginners.

Since 2010 Welcome House Karate Club provides Karate training for kids, teens and adults on regular basis.