Welcome House Services

  • One-on-One and Family counselling

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This is  one-on-one and family counselling in order to obtain good advice for new Canadians about settlement adjustments and transition issues during the immigration process, landlord-tenant issues, health insurance, adaptation in Canada, job searching and building a career in Canada, education in Canada. We do coordination and referral to other service providers as well to help our clients access relevant services and resources.


  • Free Completion of Tax Report for First Year Newcomers

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Here is our coach Pavel Tishchevsky with his feasible YouTube video series Tax Time –  (10 short episodes) how-to pay less tax while stay in complying with the law in Canada.


  • English for Employment and Settlement

currently we are actively seeking the funding to start up this project.

As we planned in the beginning Welcome House is actively started to seek funding for the created in 2011 project “Intensive English for Employment and Settlement”. This project is created by 2 licensed linguists with more than 10 years extensive teaching background for the different target audiences. Also this project was developed in cooperation with Ontario licensed LINC instructor with more than 15 years language teaching experience. All authors are Canadian citizens now and completely understand all factors exert huge pressure upon new Canadians.

The main goal of this project is teaching English for effective search and getting job in Canada. From the initial language test until the finishing program participants study English. The adequate knowledge of the official language is the main priority for the getting job search in Canada.

Every Canadian newcomer, landed immigrant or independent skilled worker knows that the best way to integrate in Canadian Society is to get a relevant job. However it takes years and years to overcome this problem. Newcomers usually do not know how to communicate with employers when they are targeting new job and the second biggest issue is how-to keep the position they got. They need knowledge and skills to do it in English efficiently. That is what this project designed for.

We proposed Citizen and Immigration Canada to provide Welcome House with funding for this project in 2013-2014. This project designed to accommodate 160 participants per year (the timeline: studying duration –12 weeks; so Welcome House forms 2 new groups every 14 weeks (20 participants per each group).