Apr 092017

Welcome House Karate Team successfully started competition year at First OKF Invitational Karate Tournament Apr 9 2017

Welcome House Karate Team has a great success at First OKF Invitational Karate Tournament Apr 9 2017. This was really great event 445 competitors and it was the first time when provincial status tournament implement the WKF rules (World Karate Federation). Each of six rings had proper safety zones and always had 5 judges. OKF started to use proper WKF approved mats which was used for the TO 2015 Pan Am Karate event.

Welcome House had only 7 competitors this time and got 4 medals: gold, silver and bronze for kumite and one silver for kata.

Congratulations to our winners:

Robert Keddy Cortez – Gold in Kumite up to 7 y.o.

Munir Habaybeh – Silver in Kumite up to 7 y.o.

Daniel Victorino – Silver in Kata and Bronze in Kumite in Novice 8-9 y.o.

We also would like to congratulate coach Denis Adigamov and other team members: Daniel Simonyants, Max Zhurba, Maxim Morozov and Alex Teryan with their first time participation in Provincial level tournament.

You made us proud.

Keep up the hard work!

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