Apr 012015

Welcome House proudly announces the 2nd Toronto Karate Kids League Summer Tournament.

The right date for Summer TKKL tournament is Sunday May 24, 2015 at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute
Toronto Karate Kids League (TKKL) is a series of 4 Karate tournaments per year for non-elite athletes. The League intends to unify all Toronto Karate clubs in the Sportive Karate event similar, by essence, to Toronto Pan Am Games 2015 Karate event.

2015 League schedule:
1. Spring. Sunday March 8, 2015 at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute;
2. Summer. Sunday May 24, 2015 at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute;
3. Fall. Sunday October 25, 2015 (preliminarily William Lyon Mackenzie CI);
4. Winter. Sunday December 6, 2015 (preliminarily William Lyon Mackenzie CI);
Each tournament consists of Individual Kata (forms) and Individual Kumite (sparring) type of competition for recreational (non elite) participants. All categories will be divided by:
• gender: boys and girls
• age: -7, -9, -11, -13, -15
• levels: Novice (white to orange belt) and Intermediate (green to brown belt)

There are 40 categories in total (for details please look at categories (divisions) table on page 7).
There are 8 medals in each category with different
colors: Gold for 1st place, Silver for 2nd place, two Bronze for 3rd-4th place and 4 smaller size Bronze medals for 5th place.
Each medal adds points to the club scores:
1st place – 100 points,
2nd place – 50 points,
3rd-4th places – 25 points and
5th place – 10 points.
The club which accumulates the most points after all 4 tournaments is named League’s Winner and will be awarded League’s Cup.
The League accepts application from any Karate club regardless of their affiliation. One of the main scopes of Toronto Karate Kids League is to unify clubs with different affiliations on Sportive Karate platform base, to give them a forum to befriend and compete with each other. Individual (non club’s) applications is also accepted on site only. All points accumulated by such individuals without club affiliation will be distributed to any club of their choosing or will otherwise be lost.
Tournaments Fee:
Advance fee – $15 CAD/person (not later than 1 week before the event only accepted with collective application from clubs). On the site fee – $20 CAD/person.
For advance fee there is a Family 10% discount.

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