Oct 112014

Toronto Karate Kids League is a project targeting children and youth up to 15 years, at beginner and intermediate levels. The league will hold 4 tournaments per year. Each will have 40 categories (by ages and levels) for forms and sparring. Medals will be awarded in each category (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze). At the end of the year the club with the most medals will receive the League’s Friendship Cup.

Our project aims to increase interest and engagement in community Karate and in Toronto’s upcoming 2015 PanAm Games. The project will allow non-elite athletes to be part of a movement similar to the Games’ Karate event. This project will involve up to 300 participants per event and is open to anyone regardless of ethnic, cultural, social background and/or gender; it is designed to unify people and to encourage friendships-between boys and girls, between new immigrants and the Canadian-born, and between rich and poor.

We plan to have project activities for on-going basis and expect the City of Toronto to help us for the first 2 years with establishment.

Our partners are: InVision Pro, United Martial Arts Academy, Maple Karate Club (Antibes branch), and Toronto Suiken Bugeikai.

We have a support from all York Centre Politicians:

MP Mark Adler, click here to read letter of support: MarkAdler-GameOnToronto-Welcome-house-letter-of-support

MPP Monte Kwinter, click here to read letter of support: MonteKwinter-GameOnToronto-Welcome-house-letter-of-support

City Councillor James Pasternak, click here to read letter of support: JamesPasternak-GameOnToronto-Welcome-house-letter-of-support

TDSB Trustee Howard Kaplan, click here to read letter of support: HowardKaplan-GameOnToronto-WelcomeHouse-SupportLetter


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